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logo_100Swann Books publishes fiction and non-fiction in all genres.
Our in-house editing services offer valuable advice for fiction writers.
We provide eBook publishing and distribution, website creation, and social management for writers.
Don’t waste time formatting when you could be writing!
Our publishing fees are based on percentage of sales, our contracts are non-exclusive, giving you maximum freedom.
We also supply printed books at great prices!
We sell printed books in the USA and UK, with South Africa rolling out in 2015.
Send us the first 2 chapters of your manuscript and we can begin the publishing process today.



oaENffQWhen Catherine Swann tried to publish her own book in 2012, she learned how many obstacles exist for the independent writer. She was disappointed that her rejection letters took months to arrive, if at all, and never gave a reason for the rejection.
Once accepted by a publisher, she discovered endless rewrites were eating away at her precious writing time. Many costs crept up that left Swann questioning the current publishing industry’s motives.

Swann decided to take on the traditional publishing regime and change the industry to focus on the writer’s needs, and to bring better books to readers at a lower price.

Swann vowed never to reject a manuscript without telling the author why.

Swann now brings new authors to readers at a great price.



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