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The Five of Prophesy – Aletha Wade


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Thousands of years ago Gabriella, the Guardian and Gatekeeper of Myrr-Mor, soared above a city called World Bridge. She had sensed evil in the wind and intended to find and destroy it. She knew the vile strain was gaining power with each breath she took, so she whispered a command of salvation into the dark night as she sailed on the warm wind currents. At that time, an evil sorceress was chanting spells to summon the Dark Sign from deep in her home, and her lair reverberated with the bloodcurdling screams of pain and terror of her tortured captives.
If the necromancer succeeds in bringing the Dark Sign back from the dead, the strange ancient world, known as Myrr-Mor, will be ravaged by an evil which would leave death and destruction in its wake. The Fates heard the whispered order of Gabriella and rewove parts of The Tapestry of Life. They interlaced five heroes into their complex design – Jar the medicine man, dreywulf cursed Lithia, Darius the noble but bigoted soldier, Naxora a spoilt Eldrekborn whose eldrek tattoo comes to life to protect her in times of great peril, and Crimson Tanith the six-hundred-year-old Vampire. The five heroes are sent to slay the powerful enchantress. Intrigue, love, friendship, hope, hatred, fear, and death had been woven into the destiny of the planet as well as into the lives of unsuspecting five.


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